59 comments on “PURCHASE

  1. Would like to be E mailed about further books written by you….You have very interesting books that always keep me on the edge. Excellent author. LOVE YOU

  2. i would like for you to e-mail me when your books are available. i’ve read all 5 books on josiah and now would like to read tommy’s books. i’ve got the first book on tommy and waiting for the others to come out.

  3. I cant find A Very Cody Christmas, or has it came out yet??? Anyways I read that whole book
    in three days on my kindle. You see Im 14 and I can totally relate to these books, I had
    accidentally purchased them off of amazon and I cant buy any more books or my mom will
    kill me. I cant stop thinking of what will happen next. I miss Timmys mom! I know she didn’t
    Even speak during the book but my best friend his mom died too. 😦 R.I.P.

  4. hi loving your books have read all of the vampire love stories but im waiting for loving maya and divine blood when will they be available my kindle is looking so unloved xx

  5. I bought the gift set ab B&N for my nook and I have already read them all twice waiting on the next book but I am not too patient (lol) seriously I can’t wait I love the caracters and the story line love the twist waiting to see what happens next just wanted to say good job could not put them down

  6. Amazon does not have “Werewolf without a Cause.” I have been entranced by the series and how they fit together but when you have a missing piece piece in the puzzle there is almost no point in completing it.

  7. When exactly will Angel Love Story for kindle be available?? I have enjoyed this series and ready to read this book!!!

    Thanks, Cheryl

  8. Is Vampire Nation out yet? I’ve been looking for it. Just making sure I haven’t overlooked it. Ready to start reading it!!!! 😉

  9. Big fan of your Vampire Love Story Series. I see Book #1 is out in print. Is there anyway I can purchase a signed copy. Please let me know. joe

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