My Love story series – The Fourth Sunrise

About 20 years ago, I had the story idea for The Fourth Sunrise. The Fourth Sunrise is my highest rated novel on Amazon. It is also my personal favorite. Watching The Notebook, on DVD, helped give me the kick in the butt I needed to write the novel. My book has aspects similar to the Notebook, but it is completely different. It isn’t your typical love story and it is one that stood the test of time. My heart was full and it left me feeling good when I wrote it. The only other novel to leave me feeling so content and proud is my newest love story,  In the name of Love. I released it last week. Today and tomorrow The Fourth Sunrise e-book is free on Amazon. It is the first novel in my Love Stories series. I love this book and I hope you all do as well.

The link for The Fourth Sunrise

Love Story Series – Romeo and Juliet

In 2012, I was driving down the 215 freeway making my way to where I was living in Lake Elsinore. I was thinking about Romeo and Juliet and how I might be able to capture its beauty in a futuristic vampire and werewolf novel. It dawned on me as I was driving how I should write the novel. I pulled over in the city of Perris and went to a Starbucks. I had a notebook in my truck and began writing out the details on how I was going to approach my own version of Shakespeare’s classic. I was inspired by the musical and movie West Side Story and Leonardo DiCaprio’s version of R and J. I wrote out the concept and within six weeks I had finished the novel. I have debated writing a sequel from Juliet’s point of view. I might write it in the next two years. So many books to write and so little time!


I would like to come out of the gate saying, I have a new energy based on inspiration and desperation. I plan on making 2017 a resurgence of my writing. Over the next four weeks I will be publishing two HT Night Romances. The first book is a love story based on two high school seniors who find love where it always had been. The second book is Getting Yours the novel. Getting yours was a screenplay I had up on Amazon from 2011-2016. I decided to transform it into a novel. I added more depth and humor to what was already the funniest story I had ever written.

So, right out of the gate I will have two romance novels. Then, it will be back to Paranormal with my debut series, ‘Anthony Moon for Hire’. I have the full blessing of every word from my brother J. R. Rain. Twilight Runner is the name of the novel. It was a book I had ready to go in October, but my brother added so much more to Anthony Moon’s character that I have been rewriting the story to make it as accurate as I can with the full Rain blessing.

Then I will be knocking out books each month. Fourteen of them to be exact, in 2017. Check out the front page of my official website I have a full listing of books to come there.

Another amazing announcement, on a more personal level, author Piers Anthony read, mentioned and gave his opinion on my book Vampire Love Story. He posted it here on his website. In celebration, I will be running Kindle Countdown deals on my entire Vampire Love Story series.

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This is going to be a fun and exciting year!

Working on three books to be done by end of summer 2013!! Then I write Josiah War song!

I am currently working on three books.

Werewolf Without a Cause- I have almost 17,000 words already done. I promise this will be the most intense insane Tommy Story yet.

A Witch’s Love Story- This will be a romance paranormal novel and the first in many books to come. It will be told from a female point of view. I have 4,000 words written in it so far. I think you are going to love the strong female character.

Be My Valentine, Cody Greer-  7,000 words done. I am revamping the Winning Sarah’s heart  series. I will have a major post about it in a week or two, but for now.  I will let you in on this much.

Book One will be called Cody Greer (Winning Sarah’s Heart Series #1)

Book Two will be called Looking Good, Cody Greer (Winning Sarah’s Heart #2)

(This will be the end of six grade for Cody and his friends.)

Book Three will be called Lovesick Quarterback (Winning Sarah’s Heart #3)

Book Four is A Very Cody Christmas (Winning Sarah’s Heart #4)

Book Five is Be My Valentine Cody Greer. (Winning Sarah’s Heart #5)

My goal is to have all three ready to go by the end of August.

Look out for Monday when I announce the winners to the share contest.