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197 comments on “CONTACT ME

  1. Hi! I just came across your books on I bought the first Vampire Love Story. I think there are more to the series. But I don’t know what order to read them. Could you possible email me your book list, in order? Please? I also want to say, thank you for the low prices of your Kindle books! I love my Kindle, but hate that I sometimes am paying more than what I’d pay for a paper book. I can’t wait to get reading your books!! Jill Beddingfield.

    • Stories are really great, characters are fantastic. One issue on 7819 location you state she is wearing a white tank top with white Capri pants and it changes to a dress at location 7901. Thought you might want to fix that plus some typos with wording need to be fixed.

    • Characters are funny and loveable. Story is sweet. One mistake act 7819 girl is wearing white tank top with white Capri pants and at 7901 she is wearing a dress. Plus couple of typos need to be fixed.

  2. I am so glad that you enjoyed the fishing experience this past weekend while working on your book. I so wish I was there! She is my great auntie and has introduced me to your books. Fabulous!!!! I can’t wait to read more! Take care and keep it up!

  3. i love your cody greer series! i have read both ‘winning sarahs heart’ and ‘lovesick quarterback’ there both such amazing books! please keep writing them! i think im going to read the vampire books now but please please keep writing books about cody greer!

    much love x

  4. i read your vampire love story part one as soon as i started reading it i couldnt stop i read it for the first time today and as soon as i started i couldnt stop i read it i love how the main charcter turned out to be the chosen one in the end i was really happy how he was able to save lena and yari i do like yari more out of both of the female characters both any ways see i can not find ur book any where see im poor and i have to use a libarys onlien acess to read ur book and i just loved it soo much i read it free somewhere and i will admit its not fare to u that someone did that but im glad they did cause i just found author a new author whos book i couldnt put down at all but u see the point im trying to get at is that i really want to read the 2 and 3 book of the vampire love series i want to find out wat happens in the next book but i cant cause no one has been able to put somethin up on ur second book and i searched many liberies to find ur book on shelves and they didnt have it so is there a way u can help me find a way to acess your three book series i abosoutely love the first book so much im already reading it a second time and i started reading it my first time to day and finished it today and now im reading it for a second time its soo good so is there any way u can help me

  5. OMG can you please list reading order and where can I find your Prequel #2 which I think is called Entwined but it’s not even on your tabs up top. If I jump onto Vampire Love story then it seems to be a big gap with no idea why Tommy went from his one true love to dating shop girls again. Help

  6. I have been reading your Vampire and Werewolf series and am not sure if the Vampire Love Story Prequel #2 “Entwined” has been released.
    Can you let me know if or when it will be out. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
    Love your books
    Cheers Lorraine

  7. Dear Mr. Night,
    I’ve read and loved all of your vampire novels. Can you please let me know when One Love will be published and available for download on the Kindle? I’m a special ed teacher who doesn’t have time to “read for enjoyment,” yet my husband continues to catch me reading your books under the covers (yeah…had to buy a lighted case) well past midnight. You’d think I was cheating on him!
    Love your work~

  8. I just read 4 of your books in the last two days and have already purchased the rest, my preferred format is Audio books, so that is really saying something. I would recommend finding a way to get all of your books on iTunes as readers less tenacious than me won’t make the leap to Nook or Kindle after reading the Vampire Love Story on iTunes for free. It was my first book on the iPad my kids insisted we get, thanks for hooking me. After finding you on iTunes, I did a lot of snooping to find the rest of your books and found it hilarious that your family reviews all of each others books. I have already listened to all of JR’s audio books months ago, now because of you(Damn It!) I’ve got to read the rest of those on some form of ebook. I had to add an app to my Droid just to read yours! So keep them coming and I’m willing to help proof read, cause darn it you’ve got too many typos! You’re writing really works and I would hate to see some “big wig” publisher pass you up because of it! Maybe someday I’ll stop reading long enough to write some more of my own…;)

  9. I am hooked on your vampire love story,when will one love be available for the kindle ?
    having found your website i am going to see what other books i can download.
    LOVING your work 🙂
    Paula, Manchester

  10. I am a sucker (pun intended) for anything vamlpire. I really enjoyed the series and look forward to the Feb. release. One suggestion I would like for you to please consider is to employ an editor. The errors are very distracting and compete with your wonderful story line


  11. Hi, my name is Sylvia Ashford and I love your books, I have a question about the your next book that I can’t find, the continuation of Lena and Josiah’s story after the Mexican arena take down. Could you tell me about the name of the next book?, oh and Dude seriously the mention of the city of Compton, not cool I live hear and I hate it too but the mention of it like it’s Iraq is getting old, still Love You though! Sylvia

      • Thanks for the reply H.T., your really a great writer and I’m glad you listened to your fans about the change of editors. Keep up the good work and I’ll help you out by telling Christien Feehan about you, she really cool and I write to her all the time, oh and by the way thank your lucky stars you didn’t keep the Compton job, I’m a prisoner in my own home at night!

        Love you Author! (:

  12. Wish I was your copy editor. There are several errors, but they don’t bother me much. I love the books so much. I find myself holding my breath, crying and getting pretty turned on by this story. Will there be more of the Werewolf Love Storys. I have not read it yet. I just downloaded it onto my Kindle.

      • I couldn’t be an editor again. Too stressful. I was kidding. What I meant was, I can’t wait to read the books and would love to be the first one to read them. I have never liked books written by men. You are the first. You really nock them out fast. That is good because I am very impatient when I get excited about a book series. My son looks a lot like Josiah. It is funny to read the descriptions. He is just 2 years old but has those eyes and hair just like Josiah, and he is strong as an ox. He could be Lena and Josiah’s kid. Anyway, best of luck to you. I am looking forward to the rest of the series and Entwined.
        Your loyal follower,
        Sarah Anne

  13. omg i just read the 4 vampire love stories in less then a week to find out the 5th box in the box set is a pre to the 1st and one love is suppose to be out feb 2012 now if i am wrong corect me but its feb 2012 and i have to now what happends to lena and tommy and jo-jo lol please when is it going to be released because barnes and knoble think im crazy please please please hit stores soon

  14. Mr. Night, Could you please contact me via email ( or Facebook message? I would very much like to interview you about your work. Thank you, Krista Bonus

  15. I just finished the box set of the vampire series you have and am wondering when one love is coming out!!! I wanted to preorder it for my nook from barnes and noble but couldnt find it…could you tell mee when its coming out?

  16. I have to be honest, I don’t usually like vampire books written by men, but your vampire books are awesome! There was just enough romance to keep it interesting. I really enjoyed the first 5 books. I like the story line, though I’m not real crazy about the prophesy with the twins. Your last book says the next one will be out in February, 2012. When is that release date?

  17. I just wondered if these books had movies? Since you have the Characters on the covers. If there is movies to it can you please tell me where or how to get them? Thanks soooo much! I am on One Love right now. I got it as soon as I got home from school! Please answer this!! I would be so greatful.

    PS. Josiah and Lena and her Kids are great!!!!

  18. i was wondering when ‘Legend of the Vampire’ Series: VampWolf ” Josiah” , the series that will follow Josiah’s life as he helps mankind during the 18 years in between Vampire Love Story Book #5 and Book #6 will be out as well as when Vampire Love Story #6: Divine Blood “Josiah” will be out?

  19. Hey , i just finished One Love , and it says that the book #6 is next and it will be 18 years passed from the One Love and there will be some books that will be like the 18 years that passed and something like that , my question is , WHEN ARE THEY COMING OUT ?!!?!?!
    Love Your Books !!!!!!!!

  20. I just love your books. This is the most interesting vampire/werewolf series I have come across. Can’t wait for the next books to come out!! To date I have read everything of yours available on the Kindle!!!

  21. Hi I got a kindle a couple weeks ago and have read vampire love stories and thought the were brilliant and can’t wait for the next one.
    I have also read winning Sarah’s heart and again thought they were brilliant. When will book 9 be available??

    • Cody Greer #9 will be out in about a week. I’m working on putting together a newsletter. I have a friend that’s helping me do that. Why don’t you join my fan page on Facebook. It’s easier to do instant updates on there.

      • Hi again. I became a fan on Facebook and saw that you had released Cody Greer #9. I have been unable to fine it on amazon for my kindle. It would be great if you could help me out and post the like on here or Facebook.


  22. Wanting to know when loving maya and vampire
    Love story # 6 as well as ledge of the vampire
    Series will be out on kindle.

  23. why can’t i find the legend of the vampire in kindle?… it is said that the book came out in april and now already June.

  24. i thought loving maya was out on the 15th june i am dissapointed as i cannot find it can u tell me when i can expect it now please


  25. Hay HT, (:

    I read what you wrote on your profile about being a Author and a dreamer, remember this if not for the dreamer the Author can not be born, for through his eye’s are the windows to the worlds we would all love to visit. Keep up the good work we have your back! Sylvia (:

  26. I just started reading vampire love story and I got really excited because I’m an Eisenhower graduate (class of 07) and also a CSUSB student. I look forward to finishing this book and also reading more of your books.

  27. Your books are wonderful…and I can tell by the way you interract with people that you are too…keep your wonderful personality even when you get way more famous than you are now…I know you will be!!!

    • Thank you Kara, you’re a gem. It is my wonderful fans that keep me inspired. The fame I really don’t need but I do like more people reading my books. That makes me happy that they are happy.

  28. Romeo and Juliet was really great. I loved your rendition of the story. Very fun to read and exciting. I hope you write another, but if you don’t, that one can stand on its own. Can’t wait to ready Loving Maya in August. Love your books.

  29. I purchsed your Vampires Love Story on my Nook the box set. I just finished reading it. Iam a little confused, at the end of what I thought was the first book, seems to be the whole set. Is that true.


  31. Is Loving Maya available on B & N? I saw that it was scheduled to be available June 2012 but I don’t see it listed on B & N for the Nook? Thanks

  32. Hello. I just got done reading the hole set about josiah books and tommys. I was looking for loving maya because it said it was out but cant find it.did it get held back or something? I look forword to read the new book coming out.thank you.

  33. Hello,

    I am contacting you regarding a potential opportunity for you to self-publish your work. I am developing a new website that offers free e-publishing, royalty free. We also have a specific section of the website that is dedicated to serialized novels – the first of it’s kind. If you would like to know more please contact me at your earliest convenience … I look forward to hearing back from you – hope we can talk more!

    P.S. Love your work so far – good reads 🙂

    – Colton

  34. i just finished reading all 5 vampire love story books, im going to read tommy’s books now , I hope by the time im done book 6 for vamire and book 4 for werewolf will be out, I have never read any books like i do yours, its like im drawn to keep reading, i know at night i need to go to bed but cant put the books down, they are like a drug to me , so please release the other books soon or im afraid i will go into withdrawl. lol.

  35. Mr. Night,
    I love your books I have read them for the last 4 days. I am up to divine blood. The website says it is out in october, but in another area it says it was out in july. I still cannot find it. These are awesome series. I have enjoyed everyone of them and cannot putthem down!!!! Thanks Misty

  36. HAY H.T.!,



  37. Love the vampire love stories……but I have a question……in Divine blood…..Chapter 9….in one of Josiah flashbacks it starts that the boys are 7….and then he makes comment that they are 5 and a little bit more into this flashback he says they are 6. I reread it and and just confused myself more…….. sorry for the question just confused…

  38. Hi Mr. Night
    I am going crazy trying to find the next book in werewolf love story. I bought the box set and next is Loving maya ( I think )…Please help cause I can’t find it and the web site said it should have been out June 2012… PLEASE HELP!!!

  39. Sorry Mr Night I got that wrong on Loving Maya it said end of September but I still can’t find it… All your books are entertaining.. Thank you so very much for all of these books. I have read most of them.

  40. I read all of the Winning Sarah’s Heart episodes and they were AMAZING!!!!! I am wondering when episode 10, Be My Valentine, Cody Greer, will come out. You are an amazing writer and I hope that episode 10 comes out soon!

  41. I have bought and read your version of Romeo & Juliet and I think it is wonderful. Will there be more of it? Will Romeo end up with Juliet? Will the families stop the feud? I want to know how it ends. 😀

  42. Sir H.T… I would like you know that I really love Vampire Love Story. But can’t afford to read the whole series so i just read the book preview of each. I can only download your free books most of it was book1 (lol) but really love it though its not the first vampire book I read (which is Madam K.Sparks free books) Josiah’s character is different from others. I hope i can read it all.(that is if they will be on free version) Thanks for your great books I have here Werewolf Love Story part1 also and start reading it later. Hope you’ll give more free books for people like me.

  43. I read all of the books in your vampire love story and werewolf love story. I have looked for Sons of Josiah but I am not sure if it is out yet it says it will be available in Dec. It is Jan. I am dying to know what happens if Josiah turns Joshua or not. Love your books please keep them coming.

  44. Hi Mr Night,
    I am a huge fan of your work, I have read all of VLS and Entwined series, and The Cody Greer books, I was wondering if you could update us on kindle release dates for.

    Sons of Josiah
    Warewolf without a Cause
    and the Vampire Superhero Series
    Be my Valentine, Cody Greer

    I would like to re-read the whole Josiah and Tommy stories in the right order this time, and the release dates would help 🙂

    Look forward to future new books

    • Both books will bout inside of the next 8 weeks. I’m working on both as we speak. Vampire Super hero series is three books in a row and it is finished and it is in the editing phase. Trying to get Cody Greer out before Valentines Day. Thank you for your kind words.

      • Hi Mr Night
        I have read your kindle books of werewolf love story, rise of kyro and loving Maya. I have tried to look for werewolf without a cause, can’t find it. Is it out yet.

        Kind regards

  45. Hi there could you please tell me if SONS OF JOSIAH is out as I’m struggling to find it on amazon for kindle and how many more is there to the vampire love story

  46. H T Night iv reading vampire love story iv just finished book 6 and I’m really enjoying them but I’m struggling to find SONS OF JOSIAH which is book 7 can you tell me if its out yet and how many is there to this series please

  47. I just finished “Loving Maya” and see where your coming soon shows “Werewolf without a cause” was supposed to be released in January. I use a Kindle and can not find it at amazon. Has it been released? Trying to read these in order..

  48. Hi
    I just got your 8 book vampire book set and it seems to have werewolve books in it as well. I read a review (too late) which suggested we read the werewolf set first and then the vampire set. I also saw some new books which are not in the 8 book set on Amazon. I guess what I am saying is that I have no idea in what order to read both of these sets. I see your site is still under construction when it comes to contacting you directly and also the chronological order of the vampire series. I would just like to know the order for both series and if I should read one set prior to the next. I’ve had this 8 book set for about 2-3 weeks, if not longer, but have not read any of them because of the quandry I find myself in. I would really appreciate the help in determining which to read first and in what order for each set. Thanks. I look forward to reading them based on the reviews.

  49. Hi Mr Night, I started read you books because they cost upon $6. Now I can not stop reading them. I want to know when is “Son of Josiah” the 8th book in VLS, “Werewolf without a Cause” and any of the book from Vampore SuperHero Seriew are coming out.

  50. Hi H.T.Night i have read all of your vampire love storys which i love but i.m desperate to read Sons of Josiah when will it be avaible for kindle please tell me i think your becoming one of my favourie authors

    • Sons of Josiah is in it’s editing phase and will be out sometime this month. Check my facebook page and join up. I post all my current events there. Also I do a lot of fun contests. Sorry for the wait.

  51. do u have any series that is finished that I could read without me waiting for the next one to be release.

  52. Hi H.T., I see your still SMOKIN with the writing, but do me a favor and DO NOT STRESS OUT!. I am happy for your success and I see you doing greater things in your future, but remember what I keep telling you, MAKE TIME FOR H.T. TO DESTRESS! Your fan Sylvia😊

  53. hi I just finished loving Maya! and I was wondering when werewolves without a cause would be out. I looked it up but couldn’t find any info! I love your books and have read many of them.

  54. Hi H.T., SOOOO!, how does it feel to be an Author on the rise? I’ve been keeping an eye on your status I knew you were going to be spectacular, and no I’m not a stalker I just like to give credit ware credit is due. I’m one of those people who believes in uplifting people and not tearing them down, so on that note keep up the great work my Friend, and remember to only say semi nice things about Compton. LOL 😜

  55. I just finished sons of Josiah and I was wondering when Josiah’s War Cry was coming out and Werewolf without a cause I love your books


  57. Hello. I just finished sons of Josiah and cannot find a release date for the next book. Do you know when that might be? Thank you, crystal

    • Crystal I have been looking for this answer too! I hope we can find an answer! LOL I have my 17yrs old daughter hooked on this series too”

  58. I am absolutely hooked on ‘vampire love story’! Just finished book 7 and can’t wait for 8. When do you anticipate that 8 will be out?? I tried looking online to find out but can’t seem to find a month.
    I look forward to the release of it!
    Thank you for your wonderful storie

  59. Can you please send me a list of all of your books, your series and what books go with each one and what order they go in? Thank you so much! If you can’t view my email address, let me know where I can send it to you.

  60. Dear H.T. Night: I just read “Witch to Choose.” It was the first book of yours that I have read. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the story line. What I did not like was the endless punctuation and grammatical errors. There was at least one or two on every page. Please, please, please, get an editor! I want to read more of your books but I probably will not because I can’t take being thrown out of the story due to writing errors that could be fixed with simple editing.

  61. I love vampire love story. I can’t find love conquers all. Have you finished it? I need to read it!!! Lol your books are awesome.

  62. Hi. I have just finished reading the 1st book of winning sarah heart series. Its so amazing, I loved every bit of it. I’m trying to find all the book but on some website they are in different order and on kindle there’s only 5 books but on some website there are 8 so I’m bit confused. How many books have you written in the winning sarahs heart series? can you please email me all the books in order and where I could get all of the books.

  63. I download a free copy of Night time which has 3 stories. I’m a bit confused as to which novel i’m suppose to purchase. Should i be reading next The Rise of Kyro . If possible can you let me know which order i should be reading your books in. Thank you Leonie

  64. Hello! I’ve been reading your books for a couple of years now; mostly the Vampire Love Story series. I know that I can read them as an e-book, but I prefer to have the physical book. So, I was wondering if you sell the books in paperback or hardcover?

  65. I really wanna read Josiah’s War Cry.. I’ve been waiting at least a year.. I’m desperate! What is the release date. please?

      • Hello my name is Tanya and I have read the series of vampire love story with tommy and Josiah and I’m at the end I was wondering if the next book is ready.? I also started the entwined series and the next book is werewolves redemption and I can’t seem to find it, so is it ready or still in limbo? Cause I just can’t stop reading your books they are awesome. I’m on the edge of my seat here going crazy trying to find your books. Can you please help me?

  66. I want all your books on paperback but i am having the hardest time finding book 2 3 5 and so on, on paperback. I dont know how to find them. I want them so badly. please let me know how i can find them

  67. I truly want hope I hear from you because I don’t want to read the first book and LOVE it and then can’t find the other books and I don’t have kindle

  68. Are any of your books in print. I am a big fan of your werewolf books and would like to buy a signed copy if possible. Is there a way to do that, or to get a signed plate or bookmarker to put into one?Joe Benjamin

  69. I have read all of winning Sarah’s heart love the series I am reading on kindle. Your site states book 6 is to be release September 17. But I can not find it. I read all of a vampire love story and a werewolf love story loved them both.

  70. I purchased the “Vampire Love Story Series (five paranormal romance novels) quite some time ago but didn’t get into reading them until about a week ago. Now I am so hooked that I had to buy books 6,7,8 as well the Entwined series . I absolutely love those books. Tommy and Josiah are my literary heroes.

  71. Could you please tell me when josiah war cry will be published? I love All the vampire love story’s an need to carry on with the story it’s driving me mad. Many thanks Debi

  72. Hi,
    I am desperate for a book list. And whether Vampire Love Story, Vampire Nation and Vampire Superhero are all connected in some way, hence a reading list would be so good. I much prefer to read books in order as much as I can to keep up with the stories.
    Thank you

  73. when are the books werewolf redemption pt.1 and pt.2 coming out for nook
    when are love conquers all book 8 and book 9 coming out for nook please let me know the dates I read all the other werewolf and vampire love story books

  74. I can’t find parts 8&9 of the vampires love stories can you let me know if they where produced and where I can get them from i usually download on kindle

  75. Hi there.

    Please can you help…..
    can u please advise as to when love conquers all and werewolf redemption is available. I cant seem to find them anywhere.

    many thanks,


  76. Hi there. Please could you help? Can you advise when love conquers all pt 1 and 2,and werewolf redemption pt 1 and pt 2, when these books are going to be available. Many thanks.

  77. Hello, I have been looking for your Werewolf Redemption (Entwined #7). Is it published already? If so, where can I find it. If not, when will it be published? Thanks. Loving the series.

  78. Hi Mr. Night,

    Just wanted to give you a quick heads up that I added your book “The Fourth Sunrise” to the Listopia – Best Books by Indie Authors list. This is possibly the best romance I have ever read (and that’s saying something considering I’ve read over 850 books in the past 3.5 years. Good luck. I hope lots of your readers will vote for you.

    All the best,

  79. Is Love Conquers All (Josiah’s War Cry) not available from the App Store? I’ve read the whole series 3 times while waiting for this to come out! I need the last one now!

  80. I would like to know the new release date for Vampire Nation 2.On this website it said it was going to be out Oct 18 2015,but so far it is no where to be found.

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