H.T. Night has a bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts from Cal State Fullerton, and works as a full time writer. He writes both paranormal and traditional romance novels. Currently, he is working on a fun Kindle Worlds project entitled, Twilight Runner. It focuses on a grown up Anthony Moon who is a character from the Vampire for Hire series. Due out in late August 2016. For more information regarding future projects visit the home page. He is also currently working on several different book series and something special for the holidays. You can find them on his Amazon page.

If you would like to connect with H.T. feel free to ‘like’ his official authors page on Facebook.  He can sometimes be found hanging around on his fanpage


24 comments on “ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  1. The series the werewolf love stories and the vampire connection is unique and extremely riveting i can hardly wait for the next installment thank you for your imagination and the courage to take the risk

  2. I just finished reading Night’s Vampires and Werewolves and I saw that the next book in this series was American Vampire due in April 2011. Did the publisher push the date back if so what is the new date. I am really hooked on this one. Can’t wait to find out who “Fang” is and what the next adventure is. Keep on writing.

  3. I Love your books! I am sooooo HOOKED! I just finished Forever and Always and omg cliffhanger! (btw Lena is annoying me! lol) Im just wondering if you’re planning on making a movie out of these books? That would be so cool!

  4. Love ur Book so cool and awsome I was so hooked , love the hole 80’s that u put takes me
    back when i was young one, Vampire Love Story totaly Rocks ! I just bought Bad blood preet good!
    Thanks for right great books I enjoy always.

  5. Mr Night.

    First off let me say new reader and BIG fan now. I have noticed that there are some typos in some of your books and have marked them while reading on my kindle. Are you interested in having these corrected for future readers to enjoy?


    • Thanks Jacque. I just had all my books edited for a second time in the Vampire series. It is in the new books. I’m sorry if there was typos on the books you got. I did my best. They are much tightly edited now thanks to an Editor I know.

      • Sweet, I’m glad your work has been proofed again. There is no need to apologise. Dang if anyone is a typo wiz, its me. I just find it a shame that works of art aren’t as distinguished as they could be. Sort of like if Leonardo da Vinci’s David was genitally defaced, it would still be pretty BUT not to its full potential. Looking forward to next installment. 🙂

  6. Im just started reading this series and I’m already IN LOVE! The best part of reading is visualizing everything in your head..and let me tell you..it’s soooo much better visualizing everything that happens in this book because I feel like I’m physically there..it’s based in California and mentions all these cities..I live in Riverside..I kno all the places mentioned. It makes it THAT MUCH real for me..LOVE IT 😀 And the characters are awesome! Overall this series is being added to my “if I ever get stranded on an island” list..it’s THAT good 🙂

  7. Just started reading for a hobby…… ( I am now a addicted!!) Your creativity…. Has to come from somewhere..??? Your special “someone”…. My gosh….. One lucky person!!!!! You have a smile and twinkle in you eye!!!! Absolutely breathtaking. The fantasies….. Possibly be roll play???? My mind wanders!!!! I feel inspired…..
    Thank You!!

  8. Wow, I have such a surge as I venture into each book and it takes mr back home ….The Inland empire! Thank you for the wonderful adventure you have me emabaked upon

  9. Hi, I purchased your 8-Book Vampire Box Set on my Nook Tables I have read all of them and I am so lost but so in love with the characters and the story lines. I need to know where do I go from here. I have only read the ones that came in the box set and I know some of those are to be continued but I don’t know what order to read them in. Can you please help me I don’t want to pay for a book to be downloaded on my nook tablet if I already have purchased it in the set. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything you write!

    • I’m wondering the same, kind of. I bought the set of 8, also, but I don’t think they are in reading order. At the end of 4 it says continued in book 5 one love, so I bought that and book 6 before continuing on to the werewolf series ones. I think it should’ve been bundled differently, as I think there are some books from two series, and some stand alone books all bundled together and not in the correct reading order….?

      It would be nice to know what the correct reading order is for the vampire love story series and the werewolf love story/entwined series, and where the other books in the bundle come in.

      Did you ever figure it out Annette?

      • Sorry your confused. You see I wrote Vampire Love story first. It wasn’t until the third book Forever and always did I start to write Werewolf Love story. Even though Werewolf Love Story is the prequel to VLS. I’m sorry its confusing. I decided to make the 8 book box set a little of everything. I hope you still enjoyed the books.

      • Thanks for your response. I will go and do so make researching on the books and see what I am missing

  10. Absolutely in love with ALL the series, I wish I had waited until they were all finished befire I started and got hooked, Waiting patiently (maybe not so patiently) for the next book. You now rank uo there with Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Bentley Little as far I am concerned. While the styles are somewhat different H.T, Night is now a fav and household name.

  11. Both your vampire and w.w love stories are such a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to see a paranormal world from actual real places. Places I grew up in, and hung out and drove thru all the time. I’m am truly fascinated and totally hooked on your books. In less then a week I read both love stories and now waiting patiently for angels love story to come out tomorrow on my nook. I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation. Please please write more to the vampire love story. It just cannot end yet.
    Thank you

  12. I noticed the typos as well, ya know poop happens. And I’m so involved with the story I read around them. Not a big deal.
    I also noticed how some of the sets had some of other sets ect. But that just made me happy as I researched all your books on my nook and found more.
    People just need to poke around and do their homework on what is in what series. I started following u on fb and that was a tremendous help in figuring out what book went with what series ect..
    The coolest part is I started following J.R.Rain and he led me to u. I admit I have not read anything of his yet. But I will.
    Than You for your books. I’m a forever fan

  13. Love the Heart of a witch series!! I’m glad to see two more books in the series are coming out soon. I too would love to read longer books by both you and JR Rain. The characters are so fun, you just want keep reading more!! Keep on writing!!

  14. You’re a fantastic writer who takes us readers through a world of fantasy and love. Please never stop writing so we don’t stop reading.

  15. I have read all of H. T. Night’s books and each one has proven to be over the top, fantastic books. He is a great writer who connects so well with his readers. I always look forward to reading his books because they are so good !!

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