H.T. Night’s 18 Book Immortal Warriors Box Set
Out NOW!

2017-2018 releases

1. In the Name of Love

2. Getting Yours (The novel)

3. Fire Warrior (Anthony Moon for Hire #1)

4. Enemy of the Nation (Vampire Nation #2)

5. Werewolf Lost (Immortal Warriors #6)

6. Massacre Revealed (Deadly Dreams #2)

6. Witch World (Heart of a Witch #4)

7. Hero Rising (Immortal Warriors #12)

“2nd Edition with more words”

8. Vampire Reign (Immortal Warriors #13)

“2nd Edition with more words”

9. Vampire Iscariot (Immortal Warriors #14)

“2nd Edition with more words”

10. Vampire Castle (Immortal Warriors #15)

11. Fang (Chronicles of an American Vampire #1)

(All the books above are Out NOW! )

2018 Releases

1. I, Samantha (Moonlighting #1)

Out NOW! 

2. Heart on Fire (Love Stories Book #5)

Coming in June! 

3. Vampire and Hunters (Vampire Times #1)

Coming in June! 

4. Finding Hunter (Deadly Dreams #3)

Coming in June! 

5. Vampire Ressurection (Immortals Warriors #19)

Coming in July!

6. Zombie Party (Call of the Dead series #1)

Coming in July!

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  1. Wow HT, I can’t believe how many books you’re going to have coming out in the next 6 months! That’s amazing! I can’t wait to read each and every one of them! Is it possible to fall in love with a writer on the basis of the way he writes?? 🙂 Hmmmm…..

  2. LOL OK its October and I’m eagerly waiting for Entwined.
    I am really enjoying your books. Would like for both you and J R Rain to write longer books. They are wonderfully developed. Story lines and characters are engaging and often surprising.
    Keep it up.

  3. I am waiting for the Vampire Love Story Book #4 (Vampires vs Werewolves that was due out in August. Also Entwined (Vampire Love Story Prequel book 2) that was due out in September. I have not been able to find either of these in Amazon Kindle.

      • Apparently the publishing dates keeps getting pushed back. I hv been waiting on ‘Entwined-Loving Maya’ for months. It was suppose to be out in June, then Aug I think, then September. Where is it, Plz?

  4. I too am waiting for the Entwined book to come out. If the release date has been changes can you please let us know when it will be out. thank you for your time and great stories.

    • You can find all the book up to 9 out now. If you have a Nook there is a bundle of books 1-8. Then purchase 9 on its own. Im now waiting for book 10 for my daughter (she cant wait) which should be out anytime. I dont have any info on the Kindle since i dont own one. Hope that helps!

  5. I just got this kindel for christmas and i have just found your books and fell in love i have read 10 of your books since then. I am also waiting for the Entwined and One love books of the vampire love story series. One of the greatest series up there with Vampire Academy and House of Night series i also love. Let us Know???

      • when will be the 6th story for a vampire love story be coming out i love all ur books you make the characters in your books so real i feel like im in the story i read the whole seris exsept for #6 in two days i was so into it my favorite three character of all your books was josh,lena,and yari.They feel so real to me im so excied to read the sixth one thx for reading

  6. i am dying to read your next segment of vampire love story. i seem to be updating my istore way too much to see if i could buy it yet,

  7. Waiting patiently – kind of – for Book 5 to be released next week. But, I’m a Nook person. Hope it will be available for us too. I have read multiple authors of the vampire/werewolf genre, i have to say these are good reads with believable stories without being annoying like others that are out on the shelves!

  8. Hi Love your books. Shouldn’t it say ‘One Love’ not ‘Vampires Vs. Werewolves’ thats out Feb 2012 though?

    Really looking forward to that new instalment. Thanks for great and entertaining writing 🙂

  9. I have had to read through some painful books..Finally, I started looking through your books. Wow was that confusing at, I found myself not putting them done..I do very much appreciate both views of Tommy and Josiah!!..That’s y I love this series soo just few more hours left before ONE LOVE is released!!

    • Im hooked on all ur books!! When will ur next book #10 come out in Winning Sarah’s Heart. Will the books ever be longer. Cant wait!

  10. Sorry didn’t get to finish my exciting when books get more interesting the further alone in the series..I can not stand when they drag out and don’t get better further on..U sure know how to keep it new and fresh..THANK U MR. NIGHT!!!!!

  11. When is the release date in march for entwined? I loved all the vamire love story books about Josiah i cant wait to read the series about Tommy!

  12. I LOVE your books. Great reads. I would like to know when Vampire Love story #6, Divine blood coming out? Keep ’em coming and I’ll keep reading.

    • Divine Blood will be out no Later than August. I’m hoping sooner. I will start working on it in the next couple of weeks. I’m also doing all I can to keep them coming. I love writing and it has giving me so much happiness.

      • Thank u!! I cant wait to read all the books your working on. Im hooked and cant get enough! Thank you again for giving me a little piece of heaven to look forword too. Just hurry the waiting is killing me!! LOL

      • I fell in love with your vampire love story series. I cant wait for divine blood to come out. I would love this series to be a movie one day!!! That would be great!! Keep up the great writing and I’ll be waiting on the new books to read.

  13. Is there a way to be automatically notified when you release a new Kindle book? :). If not, there should be.

  14. I am with Lisa Curry: I wish there was an easy way to be notified of any & all of your books as soon as they are released & available! Is there anyway to sign up for notifications of ALL of your new releases? If so, please don’t leave us hanging. We’re jonesing. Frankly, your books are all addictive (& I’m going through withdrawal).

    I am totally in awe of you & your talent! You’re so imaginative & creative! I love the details about each character, the way you can make me laugh, cry & stand erect at the edge of my seat… You are truly gifted! Amen to you!

    You seem to be spread so thin! It’s also amazes me that you work on so many of your books at one time. I don’t have a clue how you are able to immerse yourself so deeply into these worlds you create! We, your adoring fans, deeply appreciate you ability to juggle so many balls in the air at once. I don’t know how you can do it, but thank you.

    I haven’t been able to find anything out about your “Vampire Christmas Love Story” or anything after the original Cody/Sarah’s Heart #8. I’ve already read everything that I can find that you’ve done but I’ll keep my eyes open!

    • Hi Sheree,

      Cody Greer #9 will be out in about a week. I’m working on putting together a newsletter. I have a friend that’s helping me do that. Why don’t you join my fan page on Facebook. It’s easier to do instant updates on there. I try to update on here to, but I’m not sure if my post get easily. I appreciate your kind words. Right now I’m half way through Cody #10, I’m working on a brand new series called Vampire Nation Series. I’m not sure what I’m calling the first one yet, but I’ll post it on here as soon as I decide on it, but the series is called Vampire Nation. I’m also working on a mysterious book which I think will be the biggest book I have ever written. That will be out in a month. I’m afraid to say what it is yet, because I don’t want someone to steal my idea. So for now I’m calling my mystery book. What I can say it takes place in New York City. I’m also writing a Notebook type regular love story. I’m more than half way through all books. Each day I see what I’m in the mood to do and I write it. Thanks for your kind words.

      • Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! See, your ability to write so many books (even of both similar & varied genres) & STILL be accessible to your fans… wow. You are a rare breed.

        Of course I keep up with you on Facebook. Have been for a while now. I am on an emailing list of another paranormal romance author. She automatically emails those of her fans who sign up whenever anything is released. I hope that’s what your newsletter will do, too!

        As for Cody #9 & #10, Vampire Nation & your mysterious BIG mystery… YIPPEE!

        Thanks so much… for being so great!

    • Ditto Sherree2u comments; howver, I too am in ‘withdrawal’ waiting for ‘Loving Maya’. Anxiously awaiting ur entralling series abt Tommy & Maya even though I read all the Josiah stories first.

  15. When is the 6th book blood Devine being released? I love the vampire love story series and can’t wait for the 6th one to be released 🙂

  16. Hi! you said that Winning Sarahs Heart would be out on May 1, but I can not find it on amazon.
    I love your books, I am 12 and I just love Winning Sarahs Heart! And I just love cody!!:D
    Please comment back!!:)

  17. Hi. I just stumbled on to your series Vampire Love and i have all 5 in the series in a matter of days. I am looking forward to book 6 in the set as well as Vampire Legends that tells about the 18 yrs. after One Love. I am in awe of your talent and i am waiting patiently for the sequels. Once again thank you for the books, they are a real treet. Susan

  18. Sorry i forgot to ask when Vampire Legends the sequel to One Love will be out. I see here that book six is going to be out in July or August. Can say when Vampire Legends will be out? Also the surprise Big secret book whenis it due to be released. I am still in awe over your talent to write so many books and topics all at once. I wish i had such a talent. God gives us all different talents to share with the world. It is good to see you have imbraced your talent and i thank you for sharing it.

    • The big secret book is Romeo and Juliet: A Vampire and Werewolf Love Story. It is coming out in one week. May 14. Legend of the vampire will be out in late June. Divine Blood VLS #6 will be out in late July.

      • Thank you for getting back to me
        so quickly. I am counting down the days to the release of Romeo and Juliet. I am almost finished with Winning Sarah. Thanks again for your books and time. I love all of your work. Susan

  19. So I have a friend who absolutely loves the twilight series (yuk) I told her to give ur book first book.(vampire and werewolves love stories)..well she couldn’t get enough of them!!.she finally caught up with we are both awaiting for ur next installment of this series..I thiink ive created a MONSTER!!..she doesn’t even mentioned those other vampire books at ur books!!.if u didn’t

    • Hey Dolls, you don’t have to put down the Twilight series to endorse H.T. There’s enough love to go around for both authors! Believe me. It was my fascination with Twilight that got me to even consider delving into the whole paranormal theme & so it led me to H.T. For that, I am forever in it’s debt.

      Hey, life’s tough, get your smiles & thrills wherever you can.

      With that said, I love you, H.T.

  20. To comment on the other post (sheree2u)..I was not putting down the twilight series!!.I was giving my personal opinion about the series..Just like urs I read and didn’t think anymore about..Isn’t that what reading is about..Reading should be enjoyable to the person..I have that with these books..It wasnt an attack on u personally but from my perspective..Ive always have had a fascination with fictional material..Ever since an INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE AND LOST BOYS (which shows my age). I haven’t found a good movie or book that has had me on the edge of my seat with such anticipation like Mr. Night’s books!!.Anyways, getting back to the blog on H.T NIGHT’S website, we are waiting patiently for the next installment of ur books!

  21. Dolls, I really didn’t get offended AT ALL by your comment(s). I’m sorry if it seemed like I was attacking you in ANY way, sincerely. To each his/her own. That’s why Baskin Robbins makes 31 flavors! I still stand with the last line of my comment: life’s tough, get your smiles & thrills wherever you can.

    By the way, I loved ‘Lost Boys’. I saw the movie. I never realized it was a book, too! (silly me). I never read ‘Interview with a Vampire’. But I was disappointed in the movie… decades ago. Hell,

    I read way too much & I often read my guilty pleasure: trashy romantic suspense novels! Hey, we definitely share an affinity for our beloved & hardworking H.T.!

  22. I just finished the 5th book of Vampire Love Story. All the books were Awesome. I really enjoyed that Yari as the hawk wad named Daphne, really cool. It’s a very rare name.

    I can’t wait for Divine Love to be released!
    I never imagined I could find another Vampire story as good as Twilight, but Mr Night you proven me wrong. Awesome story, didn’t want to put it down once I started reading the books.

  23. How come i cant find be my valentine cody greer on my nook color i have loved reading this series so so muh please help me thank u alice hargis

  24. just read all 5 books in 4 days , totally loved them and can not wait for book 6 , can you recommend any other books whilst i am waiting x

  25. Can you please tell me where to find loving maya from the entwined series for my nook. I have searched but will you send me a lead to all the books in this series. Thank you.

  26. I am loving your books, I’m looking but cannot find “Loving Maya” and have just received the 8 piece bookset, but do not see Loving Maya in the series. I just have to have this book, I’m a new reader and up in the air on what happens next. Faye Jones

  27. Waiting patiently for book six????!!! take up the time I did start Romeo and Juliet..not really enjoyed it!!..I was reading some of ur posts and noticed that u will be going more into depth with Romeo and Juliet…I’m very excited to start my adventure with this series..BUT VLS has me HOOKED!!! …I cant wait til book 6 is out!!!..I really do enjoy ur books!!

  28. I love your books!!!! I’m waiting for #6 Devine Blood to come excited! I hope you keep that series going for more than 6 books though lol. I love em!

  29. I absolutely love your books!!! They are by far some of the best fantasy books I’ve ever read. I started with Vampire Love Story and I couldn’t put down my Kindle! Thank you so much for your wonderful books! Can’t wait for Divine Blood!!! Keep the greatness coming!!!

  30. When is novel 10 coming out for Winning Sarah’s Hear? I have read all the others and fell in love with you as an author. Your novels are amazing.

      • I am so in love and so addicted to you VLS series. I hang on to every word you write. I have read all of them including Tommy’s stories. And Tommy is so sexy to me 😉 I’m just waiting on divine blood. Don’t rush your beautifully written books. But I’ll be waiting for each one you write for the rest of your career ❤

  31. H.T. Night….I can not wait for the next book! It’s making me crazy!! I tore through them all in a month and a half. I’ve now got my friends hooked! Your an amazing writer and Loving Maya can’t come quick enough!

  32. Obviously I am way behind, by years. Just found you so I know it will be great looking forward to more of your talent and genius but I can’t find Sarah series # 10. I am dying here, help,!!!!! . PS my daughter is a writer of YA she is currently at Goddard for her BFA. SHE WILL LOVE YOUR BOOKS.

  33. Cant wait til Divine Blood is sure its a chore to get the books out as quick as we read them!..we do enjoy them all so much!..thank u for sharing VLS with us!!..we love them! pressure!

  34. Sorry to be so pushy but ur stories are all so terrific and it’s extremely difficult to wait on the next. God bless, dear author. Keep on dreaming cuz they make great stories that we all love.

  35. Hi I love your books and I am anxiously waiting for the next one to come out. Do you have a time frame updated on any of them?

  36. Hello H.T. , I love ur books!!! I was wondering if u have a date in october for divine blood ? Cant wait to read it !!! Ty for the great work u do !!

  37. Can anyone give me release dates for the Kindle for the following:-
    Divine Blood
    Loving Maya
    and Cody Greer

    I keep checking but cant find anything, and i NEED these books 🙂


  38. hello mr. night. i just love your books! you are a great writer! i was just wondering when loving maya and divine blood will be out? i’ve been looking for them everyday.

  39. I know you said you were behind on some of your novels, but I was just wondering if you knew of a round about date of when “Loving Maya” is going to be released?

  40. i just love your books! i also wanted to know when divine blood and loving maya will be out? i’m really lookng forward to reading them! you are awesome!

  41. Hi Mr. Knight,
    I have come across your book The Fourth Sunrise in Amazon. The synopsis written there was quite intriguing and got me interetest in getting to know your work further. The ever helpful Google has landed me here at your page.

    I was surprised that you write werewolves stories. My niece loves those kind of books and I’d like to giver her a set. I explored to see which to giver but, when I clicked on the images of the books available it only led me to a larger picture. 😦

    If I may suggest, a synopsis as a link when a book cover is clicked would be a big help for the readers (especially newbies like me) to get to know your work better.
    For now, amazon will have to provide all the synopsis I need for the books.

    I wish you and yours well.

  42. I first want to thank you for the fantastic books you have written. I haven’t enjoyed or looked forward to the next book in a series as I have with the vampire love story. Twighlight, True blood and vampire diaries doesn’t nearly match up to you. Next, can you tell me when “sons of Josiah” will be out on Kindle. Can’t wait for the next instalment. U have a beautiful mind. XXX

  43. my mom introduce me to The Vampire Love story series and I got hooked, I hate to read, but this i kept reading, I cant wait for the next chapter Jasiah sons to come out….

  44. When is the Vampire Superhero series coming out because I can’t seem to find the first 2 books? I am hooked on your books Mr. Night and am looking forward to all of your upcoming books. Keep doing what you do because your writing is AMAZING!! 😀

  45. I just finished reading Loving Maya, It a tear jearker, but I cant wait to read the next chapter, Night you are an amazing writer, its the only these books are the only books i actually enjoyed reading in years.

  46. where did you find loving maya? i’ve looked on amazon everyday and i can’t find it. i can’t wait to read it een waiting along time its a great series! as all of your books are mr. night! need it for my kindle!

  47. just found the link thanks mr. night! i just bought it can’t wait to read it! i loved divine blood it was awesome! looking forward to the others in the series! keep up the writing you are awesome!

  48. I absolutely love your series vampire love story and I noticed that sons of Josiah is out for the kindle but not for nook yet. Can u tell me when it will be available to the nook? I can’t wait to read it. Thank you

  49. Why can’t I purchase A Very Cody Christmas from Barnes and Noble extremely disappointed I even called and it is not showing up. I want to continue with the series but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  50. Dear Mr. Night, I am very impressed by the way how you write the stories, very emotional, interesting, breathtaking! Looking forward to reading more. Please keep us informed when new books are out. Thanks!

  51. Mr. Night,

    I have fallen in love with your writing style! You are amazingly talented!
    Mode me asking when ‘Sons of Josiah’ and. ‘Werewolf Without a Cause’ will be released for Kindle?

      • Been checking daily for Werewolfe without a cause, Sons of Josiah, Vampire Superhero, Immortal Brothers, and for the start of Vampire nation series…Any info on when these books will be available? Am anxiously waiting for them.

  52. Just finished Fourth Sunrise. What a sweet book. I noticed you responded to someone a year ago that you’d gotten a professional editor – he/she didn’t edit this book? Want to talk with me off-line about doing some editing for you? Really like your books – just maybe need another set of eyes.

  53. I never read any books at all unroll I started reading yours and Sylvia Day’s books. and now I can’t get enough of them. They have been written really well and I am now a big fan x

  54. I just discovered your books a couple weeks ago. Since then I have read all of Josiah and Tommy ‘s books and Romeo and Juliet. I loved them all and eagerly await the next in each. But I do hope since Josiah’s son’ s are grown that your not done with Josiah he’ my favorite. Your books are fantastic thank you

  55. Can you please give an exact date when the two sons of Joshiah is coming out and a Werewold without a cause is coming out finished all your other books

  56. I love the winning SaraHS heart series! When is the 10th book, be my valentine Cody Greer coming out? Pls keep me informed! Your such a great writer H.T.!

  57. I just started reading Winning Sarah’s Heart series it is great. I love your books. I was wondering when boo #10 was going to be released?
    Thank you

  58. hiya just wondering if sons of Josiah now for release December 2013 or is is December 2012 coz I can’t seem to find it on kindle store

  59. Enjoyed both series in vampire and wolf series. My only critisism in ‘Divine Bood’ you repeated the story so many times that it was driving me crazy. Saying that I look forward to ‘Sons of Josiah’ coming out in April 2013 (is that right). The previous books were fab I couldn’t put my kindle down.
    Thanks for listening

  60. When will sons of Josiah be available for the kindle fire hd I’m dying to read it been waiting forever can’t wait love the vampire love story series!!!!! Please let me know as soon as I can download it. Thank u one of ur biggest fans!

  61. I just read “Romeo and Juliet: A Vampire and Werewolf Love Story”. I really enjoyed it, except the ending. I do like the face that you what to tell the story from Juliet’s point of view. I’m just wondering is it going to end at the same point and then maybe pick up with both of them? (Sorry tring not to give anyting away) Again I really enjoyed this bookd because I love vampires and I love Shakespeare.

  62. When will Werewolf without a cause be out from Amazon? I’ve read everything you have current and am anxiously waiting to read the next books…..Thanks

  63. Can’t find either werewolf without a cause or Sons of Josiah. Are they out yet?
    Loving Maya had me in bits, can’t wait to see what Tommy and Josiah do next.

  64. Still waiting on werewolf without a cause and sons of Josiah! Longest wait ever! Any idea when they,’ll be released?

  65. Where can I find “Werewolf Without a Cause”. I see where it was to be out in January but am unable to find it on Amazon. Has it come out yet?.

  66. Been checking daily for Werewolfe without a cause, Sons of Josiah, Vampire Superhero, Immortal Brothers, and for the start of Vampire nation series…Any info on when these books will be available? Am anxiously waiting for them.

  67. I have always been a romance book reader and have been a fan of Norad Roberts for YEARS and also her Jd Robb books as well. Now (sorry Nora) I am locked in on H. T. Night!!!! Your style and descriptions are outstanding! I love that you aren’t afraid to have your male heroes have deep emotions and be able to express them so eloquently in words and thought. You have a fan for life Mr. Night. Thank you for making my days and “Night”s so thrilling. Still looking for sons of Josiah and excited about the “nations” series. Please help me find “sons”
    always a loving fan

  68. I think you r an awesome writer!!! I love your books!! I cant wait till the next ones r out. Please never stop writing!!

      • I was just telling u how I feel!! I’m glad it is what u needed to hear!! U r an amazing writer. I love all ur books. I’m on hold now waiting for the next. But u can guarantee that I will b one of the first ones to get it!!! Plz keep up the amazing work!!

  69. Wow, I just discovered these books after reading a book by Mr. Rain. I’ve only read the first book in the Vampire series, but will be reading the next. Spent the last three days on the Rain books, lol.

    I’d highly recommend a newsletter. (I’m an author, too, and would be glad to help you set one up with Mailchimp). From reading just these posts, it’s wanted very badly by your numerous fans.

    I’ve found it quite interesting reading your spin on vampires and weres. Very creative! I so wish I could write as fast as you do! (though I do wish your proofreader did a bit better so some of the bad reviews would stop) It’s unfortunate that so many reviewers will be so spiteful in downgrading a ranking based on a few errors (especially when I find them every day in legacy published books as well) English teacher and editor in me can’t help but spot them, lol. They certainly don’t ruin the stories for me. (I’ve also read the previews of all your current books)

    You’ve picked up a new fan! I’ll be spreading the word, too. I tend to love paranormal, as it’s what I write, too, and I’ve always loved new spins on old themes.

    Happy writing! Yell if you ever want proofreading help or newsletter help.

    Hope Welsh

    • I know. the book has a complicated plot that has me taking a long time unraveling so it follows the theme of my series. Sons of Josiah is in it’s editing phase and will be out sometime this month. Check my facebook page and join up. I post all my current events there. Also I do a lot of fun contests.

    • Sons of Josiah is in it’s editing phase and will be out sometime this month. Check my facebook page and join up. I post all my current events there. Also I do a lot of fun contests. Werewolf without a cause will be three weeks after that.

  70. Hi, I absolutely have become addicted to your books, especially the “Vampire Love Story” series. Can you please tell me when “Sons of Josiah” will be available in the U.K., especially for the Kindle? I really hope it’s not the last of the series. Please keep ’em coming. Thanks.

  71. Mr. Night, I just love all of your books. loving Maya had me in tears! your writing is excellent and the way you describe the different scenes its like a flowing river that never stops and keeps you turning the pages to see whats next! Just awesome! I’m looking forward to werewolf without a cause and sons of josiah! I read Loving Maya in one day i couldnt put my kindle down! I hope you keep writing you have a forever fan! Dixie

  72. I’ve just discovered your books and bought the box set of Vampire Love Story and the box set of Werewolf Love Story. I’m a bit confused at the reading order of your books. It seems that the different series (vampire/werewolf/entwined) are all intertwined with each other? What is the recommended reading order so that I get the most out of the books?

  73. hi HT
    I would love to get on your newsletter list. I am already a big fan of your brother J.R. and because of him introducing me to your books I am now a fan of yours

  74. Omg!
    I recently discovered your books.
    Downloaded the first vampire love story for free on iTunes and just can’t stop reading!!!!
    I’ve never bought a book on iTunes before but after reading the first one there was no way I could keep myself from reading the rest!
    Waiting for the 8# book now!!!!!
    Any idea when it will be released? I hardly can’t wait!!!!!

  75. I have read Vampire Love Story up to date, waiting for last book, “Love Conquers All” and now A Werewolf Love Story. I have just finished Loving Maya. Many books have brought tears to my eyes, but it takes an exceptional author to bring me to a full out cry! I could actually feel the love that Tommy had for Maya going throughout my own body and how I felt my own heart breaking for Tommy and Josiah after the fatal accident. Also waiting patiently for “Angel Love Story”.
    I am so glad I stumbled onto you when I came across Heart of a Witch series book 1. I was actually tired of reading about Vampires and was looking for a good witch story. This lead me to the 8 book box set which included A Vampire Love Story. I thought this set would include all 8 books of that series…but it did not. It took me a while to figure it out but I finally got it straight as well as the Werewolf Love story, Entwined series. After reading both series to date, I realized that it might have been better to read A Werewolf love story first instead of A Vampire Love Story. It would have helped get a better background and understanding of the main characters, Josiah and Tommy, and their relationship. This is my opinion and only a suggestion to other readers who have not read either series yet. I still enjoyed both tremendously so far and looking forward to reading future books written by you.

    • When is book 6 being released? Your web sight indicates 12/1/13. I have looked on Amazon and there is nothing. No indication that there is a book called an angel love book 6 in the entwined series.

  76. Have have read book1-7 of vampire love stories, but I can not find “Josiah’s war cry”. I use iBook. Where else an I buy this book? Thanks you for your help.

  77. Ditto to what Connie says above. I have just finished the entwined series upto date and cried so much at the last two books, Loving Maya & A Werewolf without a Cause. I cant believe I have to wait a full month before ‘Angel Love Story’ comes out and another month before I get the conclusion to Josiah’s Story. Although I have read ‘The Vampire Love Story’ First and then gone back to Tommy’s Story the entwined series I am glad I read it that way as it wasn’t such a shock that Maya died as we already knew this.
    I must comment however on the last two books of ‘The Vampire Love Story’ ie ‘Divine Blood’ and ‘Sons of Josiah’ that quite often in these books the names were mixed up as it it would say Josiah instead Joshua or Jason instead of Joshua and vise versa which did get slightly annoying at times.
    Having said that I have really enjoyed reading these books and im glad I stumbled across the first book as a freebie from amazon kindle and look forward to future reading of your books.

  78. I’m so excited to read Forbidden Destiny! I know u have been writing a few books about the same time but do u know when it will be released??
    Again, I love reading it books!!!

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    • Help still waiting for josiahs war cry having just read the whole series again im getting desperate to read it xx

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  90. has potential, you can make your page go viral easily using one tricky method. Just type in google:
    Sulingi’s Method To Go Viral

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    Thank you for a novel I could read! Poetic…true to origin…brilliant characters. I can’t stop raving!

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